Mercedes of the S-class W202

1993-2000 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Mercedes W202
+ 1.2. General information
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Lubrication system
+ 5. Cooling system
+ 6. Heating, ventilation
+ 7. System of ignition
+ 8. Fuel system
+ 9. Transmission
+ 10. Running gear
+ 11. Steering
- 12. Brake system
   12.2. Anti-blocking system – ABS
   12.3. The additional equipment – the ASR system
   12.4. Specifications of the brake system
   12.5. Overlays of front brake shoes
   + 12.6. Overlays of back disk brakes
   12.7. Support
   12.8. Forward brake disk
   12.9. Back brake disk
   12:10. Brake fluid
   12:11. Removal of air from the brake system
   12:12. Brake pipelines / hoses
   12:13. Replacement of brake highways
   12:14. Brake shoes of the parking brake
   12:15. Adjustment of the parking brake
   12:16. Stoplight switch
   12:17. Diagnostics of malfunctions of brakes
   + 12:18. Wheels and tires
+ 13. Body
+ 14. Electric equipment
+ 14.2. Electrical circuitries

12:15. Adjustment of the parking brake


The parking brake needs to be adjusted if after 5-fold pressing a brake pedal the brake effect is not felt.

1. Unscrew on one wheel bolt on both back wheels.
2. Raise the car behind.
3. Turn a wheel so that the opening under a bolt approximately under 45" specified back up.

Wheels with disks from light metal need to be removed.

4. The screw-driver 4,5 mm wide through a carving opening turn a castor (105) of adjusting adaptation until it is impossible to turn a wheel a hand (at the released emergency brake). During adjustment turn a wheel a hand.
5. Direction of turn: the left wheel – from below up, the right wheel – from top to down.
6. Then again turn an adjusting castor back on 5–6 teeths, brake shoes do not slide yet.
7. In the same way adjust a castor (105) on other wheel.
8. Put in action the parking brake several times with effort of 400 N (the corresponding 40 kg), pressing a pedal a leg.
9. After that check whether completely the back wheel freely rotates at the released pedal. Otherwise repeat adjustment.
10. Twist wheel bolts. Lower the car on the earth and tighten them cross-wise with m 110 N.' moment.